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One year ago, we started our business that only delivers the best to our clients and let them grow in the markets with us. In India, by various client review our team is rated as one of the best WEB DEVELOPMENT TEAM AND WORDPRESS DEVELOPMENT TEAM.

Our “motto” is to serve the best to our clients, spread all cross the globe, so we put our best effort on each step of the project considering it as our own site.We focus on long term relationships and delivering result-oriented services as we care for our clients and help them to make get the best.

Our History

Initially we started it like a hobby, and people like our work and gave good feedback then in 2021 we established a team of freelancers, with the motive to serve clients across the globe. Today we provide services to new start-ups and businesses locally and globally.

How Do We Work?

We believe that team takes the company forward not one single person.

Our team TakeTechDevs follow agile workflow methodology which helps us to deliver a successful project to our clients. Once we receive a project from our clients, our well qualified team members start working to give a shape to your ideas. At first, we make a prototype of the website and show it to our clients. After the client’s approval the team starts developing the app/website, after this the website goes through a testing process. In the testing process if everything seems to be perfect, we deliver the project to our clients.

Our Team

We care deeply what we do, we are constant learners and never stop from updating ourselves with the new upgraded technologies that are introduced in market. In TakeTechDevs the right people are placed in the right place.We have a right blend of certified and experienced Website designers, expert Web Developers and Google Certified Digital Marketers which make us an all-in-one platform for thousands of our clients, spread across all over the globe. The entire team is having a creative mind which makes them unique in their own way like our site TakeTechDevs.

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Our Team

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